The Annex at Everyone's Garden

The Annex at Everyone's Garden  is approximately a third of an acre in an area across from Everyone's Garden. Because there is no source for water or electricity, we rely on harvesting rain water and storing for future use. Our solution includes:

Harvesting Rain Water: We have installed drain tiles in the pathways to collect water. The water is then drained into a central sump where it is then pumped into storage tanks. 

Irrigation: From the storage tanks the water is pumped into a drip irrigation system.

Pumping System: The pump runs on 12 volt battery which is recharged using a solar cell.

MeetUp : Everyone's Gardners

What we're about: Self sufficiency, Environmental Awareness, Permaculture, Organic Gardening, New Urbanism, Sustainability, Urban Gardening, Herbal Gardening, Community Gardening