March 4 Saturday 10:00 to noon.

Eventbrite - “Bionutrients"  for Healthier Soil, Plants, and People

There’s a lot of excitement sweeping the country these days on the topic of “bionutrients.” This densely packed introduction to the topic will provide powerful concepts and practical suggestions for using biological growing methods to:

  •  Improve pest and disease resistance
  • Enhance crop quality and nutritional value.
  • Put soil biology to work to build organic matter and reduce inputsPoint the food system in a healthier direction.

As a longtime professional and home gardener, Cliff is excited to share some of the soil stewardship concepts and strategies he has been learning about and implementing in this interactive, open-format presentation. Participants will also learn about how to maximize soil health through addressing micronutrient deficiencies, why comprehensive soil testing is a helpful shortcut to more effective interventions, and how to see weeds and insect pests as indicators rather than enemies.  

This presentation will feature hands-on elements including the opportunity to calibrate our tastebuds to refractometer readings of different food samples. The founder of the Green Hand Reskilling Initiative, Cliff has shared about garden and ecology-related topics at the Michigan Earth Day Fest, Washtenaw Local Food Summit, Livingston Master Gardner's Association, Michigan Friends Center and other venues.