January 28 Saturday 9:00 to noon.

Seed Saving presentation by Ben Cohen:

That will include:

  • What it means for a seed to be Heirloom, Hybrid, Organic or GMO
  • The Importance of Maintaining Genetic Diversity
  • Basic and Intermediate Seed Saving Techniques - including demonstrations
  • Landrace Gardening
  • Proper Seed Storage and Labeling
  • The Importance of Community Seed Sharing
  • Make Seed Saving Fun for the whole Family
  • Ben will have rare and unique seeds to share with everyone

Lunch will be provided by Everyone’s Garden

Ben’s Background 

Owner of Small House Farm; a small homestead business located in Sanford, MI. Small House specializes in cold pressed oils and a number of other unique products for the health conscious, Earth friendly consumer. 

Part of the family’s year round gardening plan that helps them work towards independence from outside food sources is the traditional art of seed saving. What began as essentially a hobby has blossomed in to a full time activity. Ben’s efforts to maintain the diversity of heirloom crops is what he has become most well known for. 

To learn more about Ben and Small House Farm please visit www.SmallHouseFarm.com