Permaculture Garden Basics

Saturday March 25 10 to noon

2599 Harvard, Berkley, MI

Permaculture is a systems based design science whose goal is to regenerate community and environmental systems.  What does that mean for your garden?  It means that with some thoughtful planning and design, labor, expenses, and wastes can be minimized while improving yield, efficiency, soils, water, biodiversity and profits.  Jared Bogdanov Hanna will review permaculture basics and how they can apply to your garden!

Jared Bogdanov-Hanna is a passionate educator, organizer, designer, and market gardener in Oakland County, MI.  He has been studying and engaging with permaculture and food systems since 2007 and received his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) through Midwest Permaculture in May 2008.  Jared has worked with various non-profits, businesses, organizations and homeowners in designing, building and educating on permaculture based organic gardens and community gardens, most recently with Oakland University as Special Lecturer, Farm Manager and Organic Farm Coordinator.  In his free time enjoys hiking, biking, camping and learning from Michigan’s diverse ecosystems.